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SMF har ett kraftfullt inbyggt system för privata meddelanden. Privata meddelanden (eller förkortat PM) liknar inlägg, men skickas istället till en eller flera användare. Normalt är privata meddelanden en korrespondens som bara kan ses av meddelandets avsändare och mottagare. Administratören kan enbart se dessa meddelanden genom att gå in i själva databasen.

Privata meddelanden kan inte skickas av eller till gäster. Men om en användare har blivit raderad efter att meddelandet har skickats kommer avsändaren att visas som gäst.

Som standard kan 4,294,967,296 personliga meddelanden skickas i ett forum. Detta är en mycket hög siffra och troligtvis kommer forumets användare aldrig att nå denna gräns. Hur många meddelanden en användare kan spara ställs in per användargrupp av administratören.

Mina meddelanden

Genom att klicka på "Mina meddelanden" i Huvudmenyn (en) kommer du till en sida som visar alla dina personliga meddelanden. Detta är din inlåda.

Överst på sidan ser du något som liknar startsidan (en) för en tavla. Du kommer att se en lista på alla dina personliga meddelanden. Den första kolumnen med en pratbubbla visar om du svarat på ett meddelande. Om det visas en pil i ikonen har du svarat på meddelandet. Tredje kolumnen visar vilket datum meddelandet skickades. Fjärde kolumnen avser meddelandets ämne och femte kolumnen avser avsändare. Sist visas klickrutor där du kan markera meddelanden för radering. Du kan sortera meddelanden efter datum, ämne eller avsändare.

Genom att klicka på ett meddelande rullar sidan ned till meddelandet, som ser ut som ett vanligt inlägg. I nedre högra hörnet av varje meddelande finns länkarna "Citera", "Svara" och "Radera". Du kanske också anmäla otrevliga meddelanden till administratören genom att klicka "Anmäl till administratören" om denna funktion är aktiverad.

För att se skicka meddelanden välj "Skickade meddelanden" i menyn "Meddelanden" i knappmenyn eller i vänster sidopanel. Meddelanden sparas enbart om valet "Spara i min utkorg" är valt när du skickar ett meddelanden. Du kan välja detta som standard genom att gå till Provata meddelanden på sidan Profil.


Se Privata meddelanden på sidan Profil.

I SMF2.0 kan man också se samma inställningar genom att gå till Privata meddelanden, välja "Personliga inställningar" och sedan "Ändra inställningar".


Within the default interface of the SMF software there is no way an administrator or anyone else can read your personal messages. Only you and the person you sent it to are able to read what you wrote. However, if a person has access to the database itself, then it is possible for such a person to read personal messages by searching for them in the database with an SQL command. For this reason, it is advised to not send personal messages that contain private information that you do not wish for anyone else to read.

Sending a Personal Message

  1. In the "To" box enter the name(s) of the person(s) you are sending a personal message to. If you want to send a message to multiple users, either use commas (for example: user1, user2), or start typing the username of each recipient and then select their username from the drop down menu.
  2. if you want to send a Blind Carbon Copy to certain users, click on "Add BCC" beside the "To" field. The recipients in the BCC field will not see who else has received the message.
  3. Enter suitable text in the "Subject" box.
  4. Write your message in the main input box below "Subject". Basic BBCodes work in the same way for Personal Messages as they do for posting in topics.
  5. When you have finished writing your message, you can see how the message will be displayed to the recipient(s) by clicking on "Preview" below the message input field. To actually send the message, click on the button "Send Message".

You can also reply to messages using the same method.

Label System

To keep better control and organization of your personal messages, SMF introduced a method for you to apply labels to your messages. When you apply a label you will then be able to view just the personal messages with that label. All of your labels will be listed under the category "Labels". To create, edit and delete labels select "Preferences" in the Personal Messages section and in the drop down menu select "Manage Labels".

Personal Messages Categories

There are three categories on the Personal Messages page, each of which incorporates a number of different functions.


  • New Message - Select this if you want to create a new message to send to another user as explained above.
  • Inbox - Shows all the messages currently in your inbox. The options for this can be changed as explained in the Personal Messaging section of the Profile page.
  • Sent Items - Shows all the messages which you have sent to other members of the forum. Sent messages are saved automatically only if you select the option "Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default" in the profile options. Otherwise, it is necessary to select "Save a copy in my outbox" each time when sending a message.


  • Search - Selecting this allows you to search your received messages in a similar way as using the advanced search function. You cannot search your sent messages.
  • Prune Messages - This allows you to delete all messages that are older than the specified number of days.


  • Manage Labels - Selecting this allows you to add, edit and delete any labels which you have applied to your messages.
  • Manage Rules - Selecting this allows you to have your messages sorted automatically, according to a set of rules which you create. To create a rule select Add New rule and this takes you to a series of drop down menus where you can set up any rules you wish to apply to messages from specific users, and/or the message title and/or body. Multiple criteria can be chosen by selecting Add Criteria. You can also choose whether all or any of the criteria must be met using the dropdown menu. Finally, you can select the action which will be taken with messages to which a rule is applied. Again, you can choose more than one action by selecting Add Action.
  • Change Settings
    • Display personal messages - If a member chooses All at once, a list of messages is displayed at the top with all of those messages displayed below the list. Selecting One at a time results in only one message being displayed at the top with a list of messages below it. As a conversation mimics the forum functionality, creating a topic-like list of replies. It is highly recommended that a member save their messages in the outbox (see below) if they choose to display messages as a conversation.
    • Show most recent personal messages at top - Users can choose whether new messages should be displayed at the top or bottom of the list.
    • Receive personal messages from - Members may control who is allowed to send them private messages. It can be limited to members not on their ignore list, only buddies and administrators, or only administrators.
    • Notify by email every time you receive a personal message - Users can choose to receive email notification about all personal messages, or only about personal messages from buddies. It is also possible to disable all email notifications about personal messages.
    • Show a popup when I receive new messages - Users can select this option if they would like a popup to notify them of new personal messages.
    • Save a copy of each personal message in my outbox by default - When this option is selected, any personal messages sent by a user will automatically be saved to the outbox. This option should be enabled when viewing messages as a conversation. If this option is not selected, then users have to remember to check the box Save a copy in my outbox before sending each message.
    • Remove the inbox label when applying another label - If this option is enabled, the inbox label is removed when a new label is applied to a message.