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The main menu is the major navigation tool for the forum. It includes a number of menu buttons. With the CURVE theme, it looks something like Mainbuttons 02.gif when logged in and Mainbuttons.gif when logged out.

Buttons which are typically found in the main menu include:

  • Home - Links back to the home page of the forum which contains the Board Index.
  • Help - The Help tab links to a user guide for the forum.
  • Search - Click this if you want to search for text in posts.
  • Admin - Links to the Administration Center. Only administrators and members with the required permissions can see this.
  • Moderate - Links to the Moderation Center. Only moderators and administrators can see this.
  • Profile - Links to your own profile, where there are various settings relating to your account.
  • My Messages - Links to your personal messages index.
  • Members - Links to a list of all the registered members on the forum.
  • Login - Leads you to the login screen.
  • Logout - Logs you off the forum.
  • Register - New users can click on this to register as a member of the forum.
  • Calendar - Links to the forum's calendar. This is only shown when the calendar is enabled.