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The Message Index is the listing of topics that you will see inside a board. On the top of message index you will see the child boards inside the parent board you are viewing if there are any.

The main features of the Message Index are as follows:

  • The navigation tree, usually in a space-saving horizontal mode.
  • List of Child Boards, if any, in a format similar to that of the Board Index.
  • Board Description, if enabled by the administrator.
  • Page numbers, linking to further pages of the board. Go up and Go Down links to the top and bottom of the current page of the message list.
  • The Buttons:
    • Mark as Read - members can press this button to mark all posts in the currently viewed board as "read".
    • Notify - pressing this button enables members to subscribe to email notifications of replies to topics in this board.
    • New Topic - this enables members to start a new topic.
    • New Poll - users can click on this button to create a new poll.
  • The message header contains Subject, Started by, Replies, Views and Last post to enable users to sort the columns by these headings. The Last Post heading toggles between ascending and descending order.
  • The message columns are:
    • The Topic icons, explained by the key below, provide information about whether this topic is a poll, is locked, has gotten a lot of responses, and whether you have posted to it.
    • The Post icons can be set by the poster to say something about the post -- is it a question? Is it solved?
    • The Topic subject links to the start of the topic, and is followed by links to subsequent pages and a "new" button to take registered members straight to their first unread Post of the topic.
      • If quick moderation is enabled, double-clicking in a blank area of the Topic subject column will allow you to edit the title of the topic straight from the message index. You can enable quick moderation in your Profile, and edit the subject of any posts you have permission to edit.
  • In the Subject column, the "Started by" name links to the member's profile (for registered members).
  • Last post lists the date of the most recent post, the name of the member who made that post, and a link Last post.gif to that post.
  • Below the list of messages, the Jump to menu provides a convenient quick method of navigating the forum. It will allow a user to quickly "jump" to any Board that they have access to view.

The template file used for the Message Index is: MessageIndex.template.php