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Please see SMF1.1:Calendar administration, SMF2.0:Calendar administration or SMF2.1:Calendar administration depending on the version of SMF you are using.

The Calendar feature allows administrators to provide, or not provide, a calendar for the forum. Holidays can be managed in great detail, including many other options for customizing the calendar. Once enabled, it allows members to post special events, if the administrator has given them permission. If you are a member trying to use the calendar, you can find instructions on the Calendar manual page.

To enable the Calendar, check Admin Center > Forum > Calendar > Calendar Settings > Enable calendar. Then click the Save button in the bottom right corner. After that, more administrative options will appear on that page, and as well, another page, Manage Holidays will show up. Then you will find the Calendar itself in the main menu, at the top of the forum index page.

Calendar Settings

These are all the options and settings which will appear after you have enabled the calendar.

  • Membergroups allowed to view the calendar - Check the member groups that you want to be able to view the calendar.
  • Membergroups allowed to create events - Check the member groups that you want to be able to create new events in the calendar.
  • Membergroups allowed to edit their own events - Check the member groups that you want to be able to edit the events they created.
  • Membergroups allowed to edit any events - Check the member groups that you want to be able to edit any events in the calendar.

  • Max days in advance on board index - Show how many days in advance to show calendar events on the board index. For example if this is set to 7, the next week's worth of events will be shown.
  • Show holidays - Select from the dropdown menu where you want holidays to be displayed.
  • Show birthdays - Select from the dropdown menu where you want birthdays to be displayed.
  • Show events - Select from the dropdown menu where you want events to be displayed.
  • Allow events to be exported in iCal format - Checking this option exports a text file in the iCal format, that can be imported into other calendar applications.

  • Default board to post events in - Events can be posted in any board, but this sets the default board in which you would like events to be posted.
  • Show days as link to 'Post Event' - Clicking this allows users to be able to click a day in the calendar to create a new event (as long as they have the proper permission). Otherwise, they can click the Post Event button to create a new event.
  • Allow events not linked to posts - Checking this option allows users to create new events which are not also posted in the forum. The option Show linked events in topic display must be disabled, to prevent the link from showing in the forum message.
  • Show linked events in topic display - Checking this adds a link to the new event, above the message in the forum that announces the event. Otherwise, the event is still announced in the forum, but without a link to the calendar event.

  • Minimum year - Select the earliest, or "first" year for your forum's calendar.
  • Maximum year - Select the latest, or "last" year for your forum's calendar.

Note that the larger span of years that you create, the more holidays you will have to manage on the Manage Holidays page. For example, Mother's Day is on a different date every year. So if you set up ten years worth of calendars, you will have ten Mother's Days to manage.

  • Max number of days an event can span - Select the maximum number of days that an event can span. Set to zero for no limit.

  • Disable three Month Blocks - Checking this box prevents the three small calendar month blocks from showing on the left.
  • Show Week links - This shows a link at the far left of each week, which displays only that week, if you click on it. Choose from the dropdown menu, in which calendar you want these links to show up. It is a graphic link rather than a text link.
  • Show Previous / Next Month Links - This places graphic links to the previous and next month, for easy navigation.
  • Short Day Titles - This shortens the days' titles, for example "Mon" for "Monday".
  • Short Month Titles - This shortens the months' titles, for exampe "Jan" for "January".

Be sure to click the Save button in the bottom right corner when you finish setting your options.

Manage Holidays

On Admin Center > Forum > Calendar > Manage Holidays page, you can edit existing holidays and add new ones.

This is a listing of all of the holidays already added to your forum's Calendar. There are three columns: the Name of the holiday, the Date of the holiday, and a checkbox. With the checkbox and Delete Selected button you can remove any holidays that you do not want.

Edit Existing Holidays

By clicking on the name of a holiday you will be taken to a new page where you can edit that holiday's name, year, month and date. You can also remove that individual holiday by clicking the Remove button.

Add New Holidays

Beside the Remove Selected button, is the Add New Holiday button. It allows you to add a new holiday to the Calendar. That page looks very similar to the page for editing a holiday. First fill in the name, or title of the holiday. Then for the Year fields, first there is a dropdown menu. If your holiday falls on the same date every year, choose Every Year.

Otherwise, choose whichever year you are configuring; and then set the date for that year. Remember that you will need to set a separate holiday for each year for which you have configured the calendar, if your new holiday does not fall on the same day each year. So if you set up a ten year range of calendar years, on the Calendar Settings page, you will need to set up ten of this holiday -- one for each year.

When you finish with each holiday, click the Add button in the bottom right corner. Now you should see the new holiday in the list, and also on the calendar, depending on how you configured holidays on the Settings page.