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Edit Languages

A table lists all the installed languages along with additional information. The table consists of the following columns:

  • Default - Allows you to define the language used by default, for example for guests or members who have not changed the language in their profile.
  • Language Name - The name of the language
  • Character Set - The character codification of the language installed.
  • Users - The number of members using that particular language.
  • Locale - The code that defines the language. Please see Wikipedia:Locale for details

If more than one language is installed, you can select which language you want to be the default. Clicking Save will then change the default language.

Edit a Language

The settings for each language are edited by clicking on the name of the language in the list. The following settings are available:

  • Character Set
  • Locale
  • Dictionary
  • Spelling
  • Enable "Right to Left" Mode

Edit Language Entries

From the drop-down list, select General Strings (which covers most of the strings in SMF), or one of the other choices to see all of the language entries (also referred to as language strings). These contain words like 'hello' and 'password incorrect', which are used throughout your forum. If you change these entries, and select the save button at the bottom of the page, you can change how information is displayed on your forum. Where you find strange formatting ($1$s, or {USER_NAME}), keep the strange formatting in order to continue to provide the correct information to you and your forum's users.

Add Language

Here you can download directly new languages from the Simple Machines website. There is a box where the English name of the language can be inserted to search for it on the Simple Machines website.

The results are presented in a list with details of the languages available based on the search terms. To start the installation procedure of a new language, click Install next to the relevant language.

In the first step, all the language files are checked against the already installed files for that language and the page reports if the files are writable. The results of this check are displayed in a table, where you can see the version numbers of the language files; whether they are already installed; and if so, whether there are any updates available. A checkbox allows you to select which files to copy to the local forum. If no files are checked, all files are automatically installed.


In this page it is possible to set the Default Forum Language from a drop-down menu and define if the users are allowed to select the language in which they want to view the forum by checking the Enable user-selectable language support checkbox.

Additional Information