SMF2.1:Modification Settings From Online Manual

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In a newly installed or default forum, Admin Center > Configuration > Modification Settings sub-menu, contains only a Miscellaneous sub-sub-menu. And that page is empty of options. Once administrators start to install new modifications, these areas become populated.

Some smaller, or more compact modifications place their settings on the Miscelleous page, under unique headings for each unique modification.

Other modifications create their own page of settings, which show up on the same sub-sub-menu level as Miscellaneous. Large or complex modifications may create their own small menu structure, with a few pages and sub-pages. Some larger modifications may install their own help files and/or maintain separate websites with forums, to provide support.

But every SMF modification has its own topic in the Modifications and Packages board, in the SMF Community Forum. This is where administrators can get help with any problems or questions they might have with specific modifications. The easiest way to find it, is to return to the mod's download page, on the SMF Customization site, and click the green "Support and Help" button in the top, left area of the page.