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Please see SMF1.1:Posts and Topics, SMF2.0:Posts and Topics or SMF2.1:Posts and Topics depending on the version of SMF you are using.

The Posts and Topics page of the Forum sub-menu is used for editing various settings relating to posts and topics.

  • Post Settings - The Post Settings page deals with configuring settings specific to making and modifying posts.
  • Censored Words - On the Censored Words page you can add words to your forum that will be censored, as well as the text that the censored words will be replaced with. You can edit existing censored words to meet your needs and configure settings that involve censoring words. There is also a field where you can test words to see how they will look after they are censored.
  • Topic Settings - The Topic Settings page deals with settings specific to how topics in your forum are handled.
  • Drafts - If a member cannot or does not want to post a message just yet, or send a private message, it can be saved as a draft until they are ready to finish it or post it. These settings control this feature.

Post Settings

  • Remove nested quotes when posting - This will only show the quote of the post in question, not any quoted posts from that post.
  • Disable WYSIWYG editor - This setting will disallow all users from using the WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") editor on the post page.
  • Enable collapsible additional post options - This makes the additional post options section collapsible or not collapsible.
  • Do not show the email field for guests' posts - Guests normally must give a username and email address to post a message, when it is allowed in the forum. This option removes the address field, so that only the username needs to be entered.
  • Maximum allowed post size - Set the maximum number of characters that you wish to allow in a post.
  • Posts to show on topic summary - This allows you to set the number of previous posts shown in the topic summary at the reply screen.
  • Time required between posts from the same IP - Here you can select the amount of time that must pass between postings. This can be used to stop people from 'spamming' your forum by limiting how often they can post.
  • Courtesy edit wait time - Number of seconds allowed for a post to be edited before logging the last edit date.
  • Maximum time after posting to allow edit - Number of minutes allowed to pass before a user can no longer edit a post they have made. Set to 0 to disable. Note: This will not effect any user who has permission to edit other peoples posts.
  • Max width of posted pictures (0 = disable) - This allows you to set a maximum width for posted pictures. Pictures smaller than the maximum will not be affected. If you enter 0, no maximum width is set.
  • Max height of posted pictures (0 = disable) - This allows you to set a maximum height for posted pictures. Pictures smaller than the maximum will not be affected. If you enter 0, no maximum height is set.
  • Maximum length of last/first post preview - This sets the number of available characters for the first and last message topic preview.
  • Minimum quote height to add an expand link on large quotes - This allows large quotes to be collapsed, giving the user the option to expand them to their full length. Quotes smaller than this setting will not be affected.

Censored Words

This page will let you manage the censored words of your forum. On this page you will see a place to enter the word you want to censor and another to enter the replacement for that word when someone types that word in a post. Click Add Another Word button to add additional censor and replacement words.

There are 3 options:

  • Allow users to turn off word censoring: -
  • Find censored words that stand alone (uncheck to find censored words within larger words) - Remember that if you replace a censored word which lies within a larger word, it might become a nonsensical word.
  • Ignore case when censoring: - Ignores upper/lowercase when looking for words.

You can test the censored word at the bottom of this page. Enter the word you have censored and click the Test button. It should show you the new replacement word in the same place.

Topic Settings

  • Enable participation icons - This shows a little icon on the topics the user has posted in.
  • Time before topic is warned as old on reply - If this option is enabled a warning will be displayed to the user when attempting to reply to a topic which has not had any new replies for the amount of time, in days, specified by this setting. Set this to 0 to disable the feature.
  • Number of topics per page in the message index - Enter the number for how many topics you want displayed per page in a board.
  • Number of posts per page in a topic page - Enter the number for how many posts you want displayed per page in a topic.
  • Disable print topic feature - Removes the Print button from an open topic page.
  • Max topic size to show "All" posts - Set this to the maximum number of posts a topic can have to show the all link. Setting this lower than "Maximum messages to display in a topic page" will simply mean it never gets shown, and setting it too high could slow down your forum.
  • Disable user defined topic/message count per page - Select this to prevent users from customising the amount of messages and topics to display per page on the Message Index and Topic Display page respectively.
  • Enable previous/next topic links - This will show links to the next and previous topics in relation to the current topic a member is viewing.
  • Show subjects in topics. - This puts the title of the topic at the top of each message in the topic, when the topic is open. It is also a text link to that message.
  • Show last modification date on modified posts - Adds the date and time of the last edit to messages which have been edited.
  • Show user avatars in message view - This show the member's avatar in the profile in each message.
  • Show personal text in message view - This shows the personal text for members, if the member has any, in the profile in each message.
  • Hide post group titles for grouped members - Enabling this will hide a member's post group title in the profile in each message, if they are assigned to a non-post based group.
  • When using post previews, show the text of the first post - Leave unchecked to show the text of the last post instead.

Draft Settings

  • Enable the saving of Post drafts - These are drafts of new messages.
  • Enable the saving of PM drafts - These are drafts of new private messages.
  • Enable the selection of drafts from the posting screen - This will allow the user to select and load appropriate drafts from the posting screen. The user must also have the proper permissions.
  • Maximum number of days to keep a draft - Enter 0 to keep drafts indefinitely.
  • Enable automatic saving of drafts - This will automatically save user drafts in the background on a given frequency. The user must also have the proper permissions.
  • How often should drafts be autosaved? - The minimum allowable value is 30 seconds.