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The Board Index is the central part of the home page of the forum. This is where you will find a listing of all the categories and boards that you are allowed access to. The exact appearance of the Board Index is affected by the options chosen by the administrator, as well as by the theme. When the SMF default theme is used, the main features of the Board Index are as follows:

  • Navigation Tree - This is located just above the Board Index and it consists of a series of links which help facilitate browsing through the different boards and child boards. On the Board Index this navigation tree consists only of the forum name and links right back to the top of the Board Index.
  • Mark all messages as read - This button is located just below the list of categories in the Board Index. It enables registered members to mark all posts in the entire forum as read. This also clears the list of posts in the Unread Posts section of the Forum Header.
  • Category Name Background - This is the colour highlights panels which contain the category names.
    • Collapsible Categories - If a category is collapsible, clicking the category name collapses (hides) or expands (shows) all the boards that belong to this category.
    • Unread Posts link - These links are found to the right of the category names and they take you to a list of all the posts from all the boards in the given category which you have not yet read.
  • Boards - Within each category, you will see one or more boards listed.
    • Board Name - the board name links to the Message Index (a list of topics) for that board.
    • Board Description - this is found directly under the board name and it describes the content of the board. This section may also include links to child boards and/or specify the board's moderator(s).
    • New Posts On.png / No New Posts Off.png icons - these are usually found to the left of the board names and they show registered members whether there have been any new posts in the boards since they last read them. Some boards have child boards within them and in this case the "new posts in child board" icon shows that there are new posts, but only in a child board.

The template file for the Board Index is: BoardIndex.template.php