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Bulletin Board Codes or BBCodes are a way to format posts in SMF and in many other places online. For an explanation of the buttons in the post page, see Basic Bulletin Board Codes (en). This article explains the important concept of nesting.

Annidare BBCode

The general format of a BBCode has three parts: an opening tag, the inside content and a closing tag, as shown below:

[open]      text inside      [/close]
[b]         bold text        [/b]

Bold and italic text

You can place one BBCode tag inside another as long as the child tag is closed before the parent tag. For example, the correct way to make bold and italic text is:

[b][i]bold & italic text[/i][/b]

You can also do it in the following way - both are valid, just the tags are in reverse order:

[i][b]bold & italic text[/b][/i]

The correct method is shown more clearly when the tags are indented:

        bold & italic text

The next example is incorrectly nested, which is easily shown with indented tags:

[b][i]bold & italic text[/b][/i]
        bold & italic text

The Size Tag

Note that the order in which the size tag is nested is important when it is paired with the following text alignment tags: center, left, right, and pre. For the size tag to change the font, it must be placed as follows:


Nesting the size tags as per the example below will result in this tag not working:


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