Alphabetical list of all bulletin board codes

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Abbr[abbr="a.k.a. [Unknown]"]Unknown W. Brackets[/abbr]Unknown W. Brackets;
Anchor[anchor=link_here]text or more BB Code[/anchor];<span id="post_link_here">text or more BB Code</span>
BBold.gif[b]text or more BB Code[/b]text or more BB Code
BdoHere is some text in the default direction and
[bdo=rtl]Here is some right-to-left text[/bdo]
Here is some text in the default direction and
Here is some right-to-left text
Black[black]text or more BB Code[/black]text or more BB Code
Blue[blue]text or more BB Code[/blue]text or more BB Code
CenterCenter.gif[center]blocks, text or more BB Code[/center]
blocks, text or more BB Code

if ($message === '')
    return '';

if ($message ==='' )
    return '';
Color[color=fuchsia]text or more BB Code[/color]text or more BB Code
FlashFlash.gif[flash=200, 200]http://somefile.swf[/flash]
Font[font=Times, Times New Roman, serif]text or more BB Code[/font]text or more BB Code
FtpFtp.gif[ftp=]text or more BB Code[/ftp], [ftp][/ftp]text or more BB Code,
GlowGlow.gif[glow=orange,2]text or more BB Code[/glow]text or more BB Code
Green[green]text or more BB Code[/green]text or more BB Code
HTML[html]<em>Direct <del>html</del> <ins>HTML</ins> output</em>[/html]Direct html HTML output
IItalicize.gif[i]text or more BB Code[/i]text or more BB Code
ImgImg.gif[img width=30]http:⁄⁄[/img]Button media.png
LeftLeft.gif[left]blocks, text or more BB Code[/left]
blocks, text or more BB Code
Li[li]text or bbc code of a list item[/li]
  • text or bbc code of a list item
ListList.gif[list type=lower-greek] [li]list item (see li)[/li] [li]another list item[/li] [/list]
  1. list item (see li)
  2. another list item
Ltr[ltr]text or more BB Code[/ltr]
blocks, text or more BB Code
Me[me=username]does an action[/me]
* username does an action
MoveMove.gif[move]text or BBc[/move]<marquee>text or BBc</marquee>
Nobbc[nobbc][b]BB Code[/b][/nobbc][b]BB Code[/b]
Php[php]<?php echo "Hello world!"; ?>[/php]<?php echo "Hello world!"; ?>
PrePre.gif[pre]example text[/pre]
example text
QuoteQuote.gif[quote]blocks, text or more BB Code[/quote]
blocks, text or more BB Code
Red[red]text or more BB Code[/red]text or more BB Code
RightRight.gif[right]blocks, text or more BB Code[/right]
blocks, text or more BB Code
Rtl[rtl]blocks, text or more BB Code![/rtl]
blocks, text or more BB Code!
SStrike.gif[s]text or more BB Code[/s]text or more BB Code
SizeSize.gif[size=x-large]text or more BB Code[/size]text or more BB Code
 [tr][td]text[/td][td]or more[/td][/tr]
textor more
Time[time]1132812640[/time]24 November 2005, 07:10:40
 [tr][td]text[/td][td]or more[/td][/tr]
textor more
TtTele.gif[tt]text or more BB Code[/tt]text or more BB Code
UUnderline.gif[u]text or more BB Code[/u]text or more BB Code
UrlUrl.gif[url=]text or more BB Code[/url]text or more BB Code
White[white][shadow=black,right]text or more BB Code[/shadow][/white]text or more BB Code