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Please see SMF1.1:Logs or SMF2.0:Logs depending on the version of SMF you are using.

Forum Error Log

The Error Log will show you errors that occur on your SMF forum -- any error that sends a message to a member will be recorded here. This will include:

  • Login errors that occur when members or guests mis-type their username and password or have not activated their account.
  • Members or guests attempting to use URLs they are not permitted to see.
  • php errors, such as "undefined index".
  • Errors accessing the database.

Any error that sends a message to a member will be displayed here (even though these are not really errors), as well as errors that are generated in the coding of the board or mods you may have added.

The error log can be deleted one item at a time or all at once. You can select the errors you wish to delete, and then click the Remove Selection button, or simply remove every error in the error log by clicking the Remove All button. You can also filter the error list by showing only the same error message, error caused by a particular member, error message caused by a particular location of your forum, or error message caused from a particular IP address, by clicking the small icon to left of each of the details explaining that part of the error message.

Moderation Error Log

This must be enabled in the Features and Options section of the admin panel. It is only visible to administrators.

This section allows members of the moderation team to track all the moderation actions that the forum moderators have performed. To ensure that moderators cannot remove references to the actions they have performed, entries may not be deleted until twenty-four hours after the action was taken.

Moderation activities can be deleted by checking an entry and selecting remove from the bottom of the display screen. For larger moderation logs, a search feature is enabled by default also at the bottom of the display screen.