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Please see SMF1.1:Administration Center or SMF2.0:Administration Center depending on the version of SMF you are using.

The Administration Center is the home page of your admin panel. From here you can change any settings on your forum, ranging from membergroups to board customization.

At the top there are two live information panels:

  • Live from Simple Machines - This panel is used to allow administrators of the forum to keep up-to-date with important information regarding updates, bug fixes, and security issues. The news here is loaded daily onto this page.
  • Support Information - This collects information about the forum version, as well as related data and files. This information can be useful for diagnosing issues in a support topic at the Simple Machines Community Forum. Selecting the more detailed listing will present a list of files and their exact version.

Below the live information panels, forum management is broken down into separate sections, allowing easy navigation of the administrative functions of the forum. There is a more detailed menu located either above, or to the side of, the live panels (depending on the forum's configuration).