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In addition to the functions discussed on other pages in this category, moderators also have access to the following options:


You find this option at the top of a post to the left of Quote. Clicking this will approve a post which is awaiting approval, making it visible to all regular members of the forum. The (!) symbol is displayed to the right of the name of any board which has topics or posts awaiting approval on the message index. Clicking (!) will take you to the unapproved posts section of the Moderation Center, from where you can also approve topics and posts.

You can also approve or delete attachments in a post by clicking Approve or Delete to the right of the attached file name. If there are multiple attachments and you wish to approve all of them at the same time, click approve all. Attachments can also be approved via the unapproved attachments section of the Moderation Center.

Lock Topic

You will find this button at the bottom of a topic. Clicking it will lock the chosen topic, which prevents any users who are not moderators or administrators from replying or modifying the topic's posts.

Quick Moderation

This enables quick access to moderation actions by means of icons or checkboxes, which are displayed in the message index and topic display. For further details, please see Quick moderation.

Set Topic Sticky

You will find this button at the bottom of a topic. There is also a Sticky this topic check box in the Attachments Additional Options (Additional Options in 1.1) section when you make a post.