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Quick Moderation must first be enabled via Profile > Modify Profile > Look and Layout. Here you have the option Show quick moderation as, with three choices: don't show, checkboxes, and icons.

Quick Moderation makes the moderation actions accessible in the message index and it can enable the moderation of multiple topics or posts at the same time. The Quick Moderation actions can be displayed either by icons or by the use of checkboxes. Here are the advantages of Quick Moderation:

  • Moderation actions are visible not only on the topic display, but also on the message index (board view).
  • The subject lines of topics can be edited directly whilst viewing the message index. Just double-click in the space next to the topic title. For further details about renaming topics, please see this page: Renaming topics.
  • If Quick Moderation is used with checkboxes, moderation actions can be performed on multiple topics at the same time. Without Quick Moderation, the moderation actions can be performed only on each topic individually by accessing the topic display.
  • If checkboxes are used for Quick Moderation, it is possible to delete multiple posts at the same time while viewing the topic display. This is faster than clicking on Remove for each individual post, which is the case when Quick Moderation is not enabled.

Quick Moderation includes all of the moderation actions: sticking, deleting, locking and moving of topics and posts. If you use it with checkboxes, you first select the topic which you want to moderate and then you can select the required action in the drop-down list at the bottom of the board. You will also see checkboxes in the topic display, which can be used to select the posts that you want to delete. Once a post is selected, an extra button (Remove Selected) appears to the right of the other moderation buttons below the topic display.