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In 2.0, moderators have access to the Moderation Center, which can be used to track moderation actions, warned members, and much more. Access to the Moderation Center is determined by the permission chosen by the forum administrator. To access the Moderation Center click on the Moderate tab, which is located by default between Search and Profile in the top menu.


Moderation Center

On the front page of the Moderation Center, there are sections for Simple Machines Latest News, Moderator Notes, Membergroup Requests, Recent Topic Reports, and Recent Watched Members. Moderators can customize the appearance of this page.

  • Simple Machines Latest News - This displays all the latest news from Simple Machines, such us upgrade and security patch releases.
  • Moderator Notes - Moderators can write notes to each other here.
  • Membergroup Requests - This shows all of the people who have requested to join a certain group. This is only available as an option for group moderators.
  • Recent Topic Reports - This shows the most recent topics or posts that were reported by other users. Reports can only be viewed by local moderators from the boards which they have permission to moderate.
  • Recent Watched Members- This lists the members who have been warned most recently by moderators.

Moderation Log

The moderation log records all moderation actions. This only includes moderation actions, not general forum actions. The information recorded is:

  • Action - Any time a topic is locked, stickied, merged, split, or removed an entry is created in the log. If a post is modified or deleted, a log entry is also created.
  • Date - The forum keeps track of the date and time that each action occurred.
  • Member - The member that performed the action is also logged.
  • Position - The member's primary membergroup is shown. However, additional membergroups are not listed.
  • IP - A member's internet protocol address is attached to each action they perform.

Moderators and administrators can search through these logs with the quick search feature located at the bottom of the moderation log. Administrators can remove logs only if the log is 24 hours old. For the moderation log to be available, Moderation, Administration, and User Logs must be enabled under Admin > Configuration > Core Features.


  • Warning Log - This is a log of all warnings given by moderators and admins alike.
  • Custom Templates - This gives you the option of creating new, or using existing, warnings when issuing a warning to users.

Watched Members

Moderation Center > Members > Watched Members provides a simple interface to keep an eye on troublesome members. Watched Members can be sorted By Member or By Post:

  • By Member - See all members who currently have a high enough Warning level, to be added to the Watched Members list. In the member's profile, administrators can increase their Warning level above what is needed to be added to the Watched Members list. Administrators set that level in Admin Center > Members > Warnings
  • By Post - A list of posts created by each member on the Watched Members list. It provides a simple checkbox that can be used to delete many troublesome messages at once.

Being added to the Watched Members list, is considered a penalty, or user limitation, for what the forum administrator considers bad bahavior in the forum, by the members listed there. Please see the Warnings page for more information about User Limitations.


Post moderation must be enabled by the administrator for Unapproved Posts and Unapproved Attachments to be displayed.

Unapproved Posts

From here you can approve or delete any posts awaiting approval.

  • Replies - From here you can approve or delete any replies awaiting approval.
  • Topics - From here you can approve or delete any topics awaiting approval.

Unapproved Attachments

From here you can approve or delete any attachments awaiting approval

Reported Posts

Here you can review all the post reports sent by members of the forum.

Active Moderation Reports

  • Close - Click this to close a report without viewing any further details, such as moderator comments, or why the post was reported.
  • Details - Selecting this displays the following information and options:
    • Moderator Comments - The moderator comments field is used by moderators and administrators to discuss the reported issue or to simply make notes. The offending user is not aware of comments recorded/noted.
    • Ignore - Clicking this button closes the case and removes it from the active reports queue. The report will no longer be listed among the open reports. Selecting Ignore also means that all future reports on the same post will be ignored.
    • Close - Clicking this button closes the report.
    • Actions taken by other moderators - This is the moderating history on the topic in question. It lists the actions, moderator's name, date and time, moderator group, and IP address of each moderator action.

Old Reports

Closed reports can be read here.


Membergroup Requests

For moderators to see this, they must be a moderator for one or more membergroups. Any group moderator will be able to see the list of groups they have permission to moderate and if anyone is waiting approval to join a group.

View Membergroups

This lists all users in their respective membergroups. Membergroups are colored and a number is displayed to show how many members each membergroup contains.

Clicking on a membergroup name will take you to a new page where you can view the membergroup details, such as color, rank image, and number of members. It will also show the members and respective details of that membergroup in page format. The members will be primarily sorted by username in alphabetical order. From here you can remove or add people to this membergroup.

Membergroups on the initial page are in order of creation. Administrator will come first, followed by Global Moderator, followed by anything else you have added. Ranks are not included in the membergroup listing.


Preferences allows the moderator to change his/her settings for the moderation center.

Change Settings

This section allows the setting of some personal preferences for moderation-related activities, such as email notifications, and which moderation items are displayed.

  • Items to show on moderation homepage - The moderation items will be listed with checkboxes, selecting and saving will add or remove sections from the Moderation Center page.
  • Show open report count in forum header - Selecting this displays open moderation reports in the forum header. There will be a number in parenthesis next to the "Moderate" button stating the number of posts reported and awaiting action.
  • Notify of topic reports - An administrator or moderator can select whether they wish to receive reports via e-mail and whether they always receive them, or whether they only receive them from boards which they moderate.
  • Notify of items awaiting approval - Selecting this allows an administrator or moderator to receive e-mails of posts or attachments which require approval.