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The SimpleMachines Online Manual wiki is the SMF Online Manual that anyone can edit. Please see the Official Announcement from Doc Coordinator groundup.

You can join the Doc Helpers Group! Go to The Group Membership Page of your profile and select "Join Group"

New Tools

Regex menu framework has just been added to MediaWiki:Common.js. This provides some search-and-replace tools you can use while editing articles. Once you hit the "edit" button, look for a "Scripts" heading at the bottom of the left column, and select "Custom regex" to get started.

Did you know that the Semantic MediaWiki extension is in use here? It was used to create the Alphabetical list of all bulletin board codes, as well as the Glossary of SMF Terminology. Much more could be done with the Semantic MediaWiki, once we figure it out

New Templates

How You Can Help

Right now, lots of help documents are being copied from the old online manual to this wiki. That means there are a lot of simple ways you can help, even if you have just a few minutes to spare. Every little bit helps your fellow SMF users. Thanks!


Translation Help Needed

Use the Online_Manual:Translation Portal to post and view information about translation priorities.

For Discussion

How should we name translated pages?

What is the status of the translate extension?


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