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Team Management

Telling Your Family
Some of our team members are minors. Sometimes it’s hard for them to explain to their family about their contributions to the team. If you find yourself in this position, just let a PM know and they’d be happy to telephone or write a letter to your parents to clarify your work.

Adding New Team Member

  • Nominate for Apprenticeship. Make a post titled “Nomination for [member name]” Please always create a new topic each new nomination.
  • Discussion. The entire team has a say in who is a potential team member. If you feel this nominee is going to be a productive and valuable member of our team, make a post stating your thoughts. Conversely, if you do not think the nominee will fit into the team, make sure to post the reasons. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know!
  • Approval. Assuming the team agrees that the nominee should become a team member, they will be approved.
  • Mentor is selected. Volunteers to mentor the new apprentice should be posting in the topic. A mentor will be selected from those who volunteer. If no one volunteers, a mentor may be assigned.
  • Even returning team members must go through the mentoring process.
  • Nominate for Invitation -- team members can discuss and then vote to approve the invitation.
  • Invitation is made. A Team Leader, Assistant Project Manager or a Project Manager invites the nominee to become an apprentice
  • They Accept.
  • Permissions Assigned. Assistant PM or PM gives the new Apprentice necessary access permissions
  • Credits. Admin/PM must add them to the Team Page

Mentoring a New Team Members

  • Understand the expectations for the position your apprentice is training for
  • You may act as a mentor for someone that will be on any part of the SMF team.
  • Be prepared to commit to being a mentor for at least 4 weeks.
    • Some apprentices may be ready to join the team in less than 4 weeks.
    • If the apprentice is not making progress after 4 weeks, it may be best to end the apprenticeship.
  • Maintain one-on-one contact with the new member via email/IM at least four times per week
  • You must be able to provide constructive feedback (see notes on communication)
  • Remember, as a mentor – you represent the WHOLE TEAM
  • You may put your name forward to be a mentor, or someone else on the team may suggest you. Your team leader or another member of the steering committee will give you the go-ahead to act as a mentor.# Review the job descriptions and responsibilities & processes involved in the new member’s position

The mentoring process

  1. Wait for email/pm from the appropriate team lead, introducing you to the apprentice
  2. Confirm that the apprentice has the permissions required for an apprentice
  3. Introduce yourself to the apprentice, pass them the manual and let them know which sections they should pay special attention to
  4. Remain in instant messenger or email contact – needs will be different, suggested activities are:
    • Check in daily, or maintain a presence on instant messenger or chat room, to see how they’re doing
    • Share with them personally – get to know them
    • Look at their recent posts, and give them private feedback or public replies as appropriate.
    • Introduce them to team members that may share interests
    • Continuously coach them on how to improve their moderation skills (constructive feedback – be careful of how you communicate)
    • Verify, through conversation, that they understand the way the team works
    • Verify they understand their role within the team
    • Provide feedback & updates to the team
    • Share the team’s feedback with the apprentice
    • Ask the apprentice if they need help or have new questions (do this often)
    • Identify when the apprentice is ready to become a team member and let the team know

Mundane Administration

Updating this Document

The SMF documentation team is responsible for updating this document. The PM or steering committee may request the documentation team to update this document when required. The documentation team wil complete the work and present the document to the steering committee for approval.

Forum Administration

The Project Manager has administrator access to the forum. At least one member each of the site and server teams also have administrator access to the forum. The most efficient way to request routine administrative tasks (badge changes, etc.) is via the "Attention admins" topic on the team boards. Please remember to say please and thank-you.

Answering General Emails

There are several general emails at These include,, and ??? Members who have been appointed to check emails should have a password, check the emails on a regular, agreed-upon basis. Once you have taken action on the incoming email, please move it out of the inbox, into an appropriate email folder.

Press Releases and Official Announcements

From time to time, the SMF team will need to make a press release or other official announcement. Please

  • begin these announcements on an appropriate board, with the tag [WIP].
  • request help from appropriate team members to make sure the information is correct.
  • request the help of doc team members to edit and proofread
  • request the help of the SimpleMachines marketing team to review the announcement.

Getting Money

If the SMF team or any part of the SMF team needs to make a purchase or pay for a service, the team will apply for the funds from the NPO.

  • First, gain approval from the SMF team steering committee
  • Then, apply to the NPO Board of Directors for the funds, or for a change to the yearly budget.

Legal Issues

Most legal issues will be dealt with by the NPO. Reports of suspected license infringement may be made to the marketing team.