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Invitation to join the team as an apprentice

Hi [User Name], I would like to invite you to join the Simple Machines Team as an apprentice for the [Position or Team Name]. An apprenticeship is a trial period during which you will have the opportunity to learn the ropes and to see whether you would fit in as part of our family. As part of the trial period, [Mentor Name] has volunteered to act as a mentor for you to help with the learning process. We would love to have you as part of the team! Please let me know if you are interested at your earliest convenience.

Disclaimer about offering paid services

Please note that these paid services are being offered separately from my involvement as a member of the Simple Machines Team.

Charter Members Looking for Alternate Payment Methods

Thank you for your interest in SMF. Other than PayPal, the only other method we currently accept is check or international money order, addressed to “Simple Machines LLC”. The mailing address is available at We will activate the Charter Member account once payment has been received and cleared. Please make sure to include a note with your email address and forum username with the payment.