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"The Features and Options section of the Administration Center is the section for editing core forum-related settings that help change the way you want your forum to behave. Many common features that are perhaps not specific enough to have their own section appear throughout the pages on this wiki."

"The Features and Option section .... is the section for editing ...." Such redundancy kind of bugs me. Can we maybe make the second one say 'area' or similar?

have their own section appear throughout the pages on this wiki What? Shouldn't that say section or similar. The wiki article as far as I can tell is just one page.

I've completely removed...both. :P --Emanuele 09:27, 6 June 2011 (EDT)

Poll mode - This selects whether polls are enabled or not. If polls are disabled, any existing polls will be hidden from the topic listing. You can choose to continue to show the regular topic without their polls by selecting "Show Existing Polls as Topics". To choose who can post polls, view polls, and similar abilities, you can change the permissions for those membergroups. If polls are not working on your forum, check to see if they are enabled.

Does SMF really have any distinction between poll topics that were created as polls to begin with and topics that later add a poll to them? So this means any topics with polls will just disappear with this setting disabled. Seems like a pretty silly setting to have to me.

This is SMF's behavior since 1.1.x.
In fact yes, if you post a poll and then disable the poll mode all the topics with a poll will simply "disappear" from your forum. That's the reason of the third option. --Emanuele 09:27, 6 June 2011 (EDT)

"they will see a login screen and a note that the forum is only for registered members."

I'd suggest "with a note".

Enable buddy/ignore lists - If this is selected, users can choose to add certain other users to their buddy list, or if they don't want to talk to the user, they can add them to their ignore list. (The ignore list only ignores PMs from the selected users. This does not hide posts)

"other users"? Get rid of "other". Change rest perhaps to "Also, if the user does not want to receive personal messages sent from a certain user, they can add them to their ignore list located here.

Allow users to edit their displayed name - SMF gives you the ability to use another name for a user. It is called the display name. So, for example, "John" could have his name displayed to others as "SMF lover" in various parts of the forum. The name is edited from a user's profile.

No mention about the actual setting? Seems a little inconsistent with the others. I'd change the structure of this to something like "Enabling this allows for a username and displayname .... a username is .... a displayname is ....

Reworded a bit, not sure if it is better or not... :) --Emanuele 09:27, 6 June 2011 (EDT)


This page needs some whitespace. Too much text makes it very hard to read. (this unsigned comment was posted by groundup)

The page is loaded, but only because the admin center page is loaded. Where would you add whitespace? More discussions happen on the forum at the Doc Helpers Board --Doc writer badge.png AngelinaBelle (talk) 19:16, 25 April 2012 (EDT)