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Some mobile devices have the ability to connect to the internet (using GPRS, 1X, HSDPA, etc.); however, mobile devices are most often not equipped with advanced browsers like desktop computers. Therefore, only a limited set of HTML is supported, defined by several mobile internet protocols. SMF supports three protocols commonly used by wireless devices: WAP, WAP 2, and i-mode.

Feature Support The following features are supported:

FeatureWAPWAP 2I-mode
Display boards and categoriesSMF 1.0+SMF 1.0+SMF 1.0+
Display topics and postsSMF 1.0+SMF 1.0+SMF 1.0+
Login and logout  -SMF 1.0+SMF 1.0+
Distinguish new/read topics  -SMF 1.0+SMF 1.0+
Create and Reply to topics  -SMF 1.0+SMF 1.0+
Read and send personal messages  -SMF 1.1+SMF 1.1+
View unread posts since last visit  -SMF 1.1+SMF 1.1+
View new replies to your posts  -SMF 1.1+SMF 1.1+

Please consult the manual for your wireless device to see which protocol or protocols it supports.

Usage SMF's support of wireless protocols is always enabled unless the Forum code is modified. The WAP, WAP 2, and i-mode protocols can be accessed by adding ?wap, ?wap2, or ?imode respectively to the forum's URL. For example:

As of SMF 1.1 an automatic detection of the protocol is attempted. Entering a Forum URL without any parameters should be sufficient to show the Forum in the proper protocol.

If you are interested in modifying the above functionality of your installation of SMF, the sub templates used for the above wireless protocols are located in the Wireless template.