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Accessing Your SMF Forum with a Mobile Device

There are several ways you can use your mobile device to access any SMF-powered forum.

Most recent smartphones already include advanced browsers capable of rendering SMF pages as they would appear on any computer. SMF 2.1 ships with a responsive theme (Curve2) that automatically adjusts the layout to the width of the screen in use, meaning that you do not have to zoom in and out.

Legacy Mobile Access

Some mobile devices, while able to access the internet (for example, using GPRS), are not equipped with advanced browsers (and in some cases not even a colour screen!). In such cases, only a limited set of HTML is supported, defined by several mobile internet protocols. SMF supports three protocols commonly used by wireless devices: WAP, WAP 2, and i-mode, which are explained below:

Feature Support

The following features are supported:

Feature WAP WAP 2 I-mode
Display boards and categories SMF 1.0+ SMF 1.0+ SMF 1.0+
Display topics and posts SMF 1.0+ SMF 1.0+ SMF 1.0+
Login and logout - SMF 1.0+ SMF 1.0+
Distinguish new/read topics - SMF 1.0+ SMF 1.0+
Create and reply to topics - SMF 1.0+ SMF 1.0+
Read and send personal messages - SMF 1.1+ SMF 1.1+
View unread posts since last visit - SMF 1.1+ SMF 1.1+
View new replies to your posts - SMF 1.1+ SMF 1.1+

Please consult the manual for your wireless device to see which protocol or protocols it supports.


SMF's support of wireless protocols is always enabled unless the forum code is modified. The WAP, WAP 2, and i-mode protocols can be accessed by adding ?wap, ?wap2, or ?imode respectively at the end of the forum's URL. For example:

As of SMF 1.1 an automatic detection of the protocol is attempted. Entering a forum URL without any parameters should be sufficient to show the forum in the proper protocol.

If you are interested in modifying the above functionality of your installation of SMF, the sub templates used for the above wireless protocols are located in the Wireless template.