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In this section, we will go over all parts of the new SMF Warning System, which includes configuration as well as actually warning users. We'll start off with actually warning users first, this way you will have a better understanding of the settings. Hopefully.

Issuing a Warning

So somebody double posted, or they posted something rude. Whatever the reason, you need to warn somebody. Warning somebody will reduce their priviliges further and further for each warning they receive.

To warn a user, simply click their username. You will come to their profile summary. Under the "Actions" area of the left menu bar, click "Issue a warning". You will come to a page that has some information, as well as a few options:

  • Member Name - The name of the member to be warned.
  • Warning Level - This is the level of warning that you wish to give them. Click somewhere on the bar to raise or lower their warning percentage.
  • Reason for Warning - This field is required. Put a reason for why this member is getting warned, this is displayed to the rest of the moderators.
  • Send a Notification - This will send a private message if this box is checked. It's helpful to let them know which post they got warned about(as if there would ever be any doubt).

Configuring Warnings

The warning system can be configured from the administration center.

Moderation options are found at Configuration / Features and Options / Moderation.

Moderation options are found at Configuration / Security and Moderation / Moderation.

When you come to this screen you will see the following options:

  • Warning level for user watch - This is the percentage of warning that requires a user watch. A user watch puts every watched user in the moderator panel, every time a watched member logs in or posts it is documented here. More info at mod panel doc
  • Warning level for post moderation - This will force a moderator to approve each post made by the offender.
  • Warning level for for user muting - The most severe of warning levels, this will not allow the member to post any further until his warning level decreases (if enabled).
  • Maximum user warning points per day - This sets the maximum amount of points a member can aquire in one day from any single moderator. Administrators are excluded from this restriction.
  • Warning points to decrement from users every 24 hours - If enabled, this will cause a member's points do decrease by the amount set per 24 hours.
  • Show warning status to all users - Having this option checked will show a member's warning level to everybody else.