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Welcome to the SMF Big Friendly Guide

If you are new to SMF, don't be intimidated!

This guide is full of simple how-to instructions on doing the things SMF admins need to do most often.
It is a pretty slim manual, but it is a good jumping-off point to the more detailed information found on the SMF Main Page.

This Guide is the brain-child of K@, one of the biggest, friendliest, hand-holdiest members of the SMF team. It is a work in progress. If you have spotted a document that is friendly enough to be added to this manual, if you can think of a topic that desperately needs to be written or re-written in a way beginners can understand it, or if you want to write a new document or improve an existing one, please help. You can start a discussion at The Documentation Helpers Board, you can add a document to this category, you can start a new document, or you can discuss improvements to existing documents.

Welcome to the Big Friendly Guide

Protecting and fixing your forum