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{{#if: |

  • {{{1}}}
  • |}
    [edit] [purge] Template documentation

    This template is designed to produce stylable list of up to 15 items, with a left-border "separator" In its simplest form, it is

    {{Styled list|a|b|c|d|e|f|g}}

    Which produces

    {{#if: a|
    • a
    • |}
    • b
    • c
    • d
    • e
    • f
    • g

    Passing parameter 16 will produce an error message.

    In addition to the unnamed parameters, this template can take the following parameters for class and style:

    • lc list class
    • lic list item class
    • fic first item class
    • ls list style= content
    • lis list item style= content
    • fis first list item style= content