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Error Log

The Error Log will show you errors that occur on your board. Any error that sends a message to a member will be displayed here (even though these are not really errors) as well as errors that are generated in the coding of the board or mods you may have added.

This can be a helpful tool to see when banned members try to access again or to see when there are other little things not working quite right.

The error log can be deleted one occurrance at a time or all at once. You can check the errors you wish to delete, and then click the Remove Selection button, or simply remove every error in the error log by clicking the Remove All button.You can also filter the error list by showing only the same error message, error caused by a particular member, error message caused by a particular location of your forum, or error message caused from a particular IP address by clicking the small icon to left of each of the details explaining that part of the error message.

Administration Log

Moderation Log

Ban Log

Task Log

Log Pruning

In the Logs page of the Search Engines section of the Administration Center, you will see logs of page views made by spiders browsing your forum. Depending on what Search Engine Tracking Level setting you have set on the Settings page, this page can vary from showing the action of the spider, or not showing the action at all. Note, if the tracking setting is set to Disabled or Standard, spiders will not be logged on this page at all.

Viewing Search Engine Logs

  • Spider - The name of the spider that indexed your forum, as according to the name given in the Spiders section.
  • Time - The date and time when the spider viewed the page for the current page view it is associated with.
  • Viewing - The section the spider was viewing during the current page view. This will show Disabled if the Search Engine Tracking is set to High instead of Very High.

Delete Entries

At the bottom of this page is an input value that allows you to delete all search engine logs older than the specified amount of days. Once you enter in a numeric value, select the Delete button to go through with the pruning of the logs older than the specified amount of days.

The Log Pruning section of the Category:Administration Panel is designated for the pruning (deletion) of old logs, normally not needed after a certain period of time but can take up a noticeable space in your database.

The first setting on this page Enable pruning of log entries allows you to set whether you want logs to ever be pruned from your forum, having this option unchecked will keep logs from being deleted, even if certain logs are specified to be deleted after a certain amount of days.

The following logs are able to be pruned, and can be set how old the must be to be deleted on this page. Just enter a integer value in the corresponding inputs to determine after how many days should logs related to the input field be pruned. The prunable logs are:

  • Remove error log entries - The error logs come from the errors generated on your forum. You can see these error logs in the Error Log section of your Category:Administration Panel.
  • Remove moderation log entries - The moderation logs are logs of the moderation actions performed on your forum, examples include deleting a post or topic, editing a post, or moving a topic. These logs can be viewed in the Moderation Log section in your Category:Moderation Center of your forum.
  • Remove ban hit log entries - When a member is banned and tries to access your forum, he or she will trigger logs of their attempt to access your forum while they are banned to let you know that they tried to get on your forum. You can find these logs in the Ban Log page of the Category:Ban List section of your Category:Administration Panel.
  • Remove report to moderator log entries - When a post is reported to moderators, the record of the report is saved. You can find these logs in the Reported Posts section of the Category:Moderation Center.
  • Remove scheduled task log entries - When scheduled tasks are performed on your forum, logs of them being performed are saved. You can view these logs by going to the Scheduled Tasks section of the Category:Forum Maintenance section of the Category:Administration Panel and selecting the "View Log" link.