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In the Logs page of the Search Engines section of the, you will see logs of page views made by spiders browsing your forum. Depending on what Search Engine Tracking Level setting you have set on the Settings page, this page can vary from showing the action of the spider, or not showing the action at all. Note, if the tracking setting is set to Disabled or Standard, spiders will not be logged on this page at all.

Viewing Search Engine Logs----

  • Spider - The name of the spider that indexed your forum, as according to the name given in the Spiders section.
  • Time - The date and time when the spider viewed the page for the current page view it is associated with.
  • Viewing - The section the spider was viewing during the current page view. This will show Disabled if the Search Engine Tracking is set to High instead of Very High.

Delete Entries ----At the bottom of this page is an input value that allows you to delete all search engine logs older than the specified amount of days. Once you enter in a numeric value, select the Delete button to go through with the pruning of the logs older than the specified amount of days.