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The Features and Options section of the Administration Center is the section for editing core forum related settings that help shape the core elements of how you want your forum to behave. Many common features that perhaps are not specific enough to have their own section appear throughout the pages in this section.

There are several tabs in this section of the Administration Center:

  • [[Core]] [Default] - A newcomer or quick approach to enabling and disabling certain "Core" features of your forum.
  • [[Options]] - Some important settings can be configured in here, much of the settings are miscellaneous, but some of the settings deal with numbers and how certain numbers are to be formatted, as well as the setting for allow guests to browse your forum at all and whether members can select their own language to use on your forum.
  • [[Security]] - On the Security page you can configure settings that directly relate to the security of your forum. Settings include whether to allow email addresses to be viewable, whether to allow the reporting of personal messages along with other personal message security options, as well as whether to log errors that come up when viewing the forum.
  • [[Layout]] - The Layout page has settings specific to the layout of your forum, such as whether to show the "Go Up" and "Go Down" links inside of topics and whether to show "Today" and "Yesterday" in replace of the actual date when those conditions are true.
  • [[Karma]] - The Karma page has settings specific to the "Karma" feature of the forum. You can disable karma and apply some restrictions to its usage such as how many posts you need to change someone's karma (positive or negative) and how long you have to wait in between changing two different member's karmas.
  • [[Moderation]] - The Moderation page has settings specific to the warning system of the forum, such as what to do when a user reaches a certain warning level.
  • [[Signatures]] - The Signatures page allows you to apply whatever restrictions you want to what members can and cannot have in their signatures. You can configure appropriate dimension restrictions to the signature as well as control what bbcode can be used inside of signatures.
  • [[Profile Fields]] - The Signatures page allows you to add custom profile fields to your forum. You can also control whether the built in profile fields are to be shown on the registration page and whether they are active at all.
  • [[Log Pruning]] - The Log Pruning page allows you to configure the pruning of old logs from your forum. Logs include the moderation and forum error log among a few others.


Layout and Options

  • Limit number of displayed page links - This will just show a selection of the number of pages.
    "3" to display: 1 ... 4 [5] 6 ... 9
    "5" to display: 1 ... 3 4 [5] 6 7 ... 9
  • Enable "Today" feature - This will show "Today", or "Yesterday", instead of the date.
  • Enable Go Up/Go Down buttons - This will add go up and go down buttons, so that Member can go to the top and bottom of a page without scrolling.
  • Show online/offline in posts and PMs - This will show an image to indicate whether the Member is online or offline.
  • Show a quick login on every page - This will show a more compact login on every page of the Forum for guests. It Works only if SP1 stats is off.
  • Members per page in Member list - How many members per page you would like to show in Member list.
  • Display time taken to create every page - This will show the time in seconds SMF took to create that page at the bottom of the board.
  • Disable hostname lookups - This disables host name lookups, which on some servers are very slow. Note that this will make banning less effective.
  • Enable who's online list - This option allows you to turn on or off the ability for users to see who is browsing the Forum and what they are doing. You can reach it by clicking on the online icon found in the info center.


Profile Fields