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The Administration Center is the control area for the entire forum, allowing the facilitation management of all aspects of the forum. It consists of the following sections: Main, Configuration, Forum, Members, and Maintenance. Administrators and membergroups with the required permissions will be granted access. The Administration Center can be configured so that users are asked for re-authentication before entry.

The Administration Center is the, per-se homepage of your admin panel. From here, you can change any kind of settings on your forum; anything from membergroup creation to board customization.

The first two sections on this page are the "Live information from Simple Machines" and "Support Information" panels.

The "Live from Simple Machines: panel is used to allow administrators of the forum to keep up-to-date with important information from Simple Machines regarding updates, bug fixes and security issues. The news here is loaded daily onto this page.

"Support Information" is used to collect data and files from the forum, and the forum's version; this group of information can be useful for assisting in diagnosing issues in a support thread at the Simple Machines Community Forum. Selecting the more detailed listing will present a list of files and their exact version.

Below the live information panels in the Administration Center, forum management is broken down into seperate sections, allowing easier administration of the forum. Above the live panels / to the side (depending on the forum's configuration) will be a menu with more detail than the sections listed below.

A small search box is also present; it allows an administrator to either search the administration section for a setting or specific member profile, and for support and assistance, the option to search this Wiki for help.