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button: Quote.gif

description: The quote tag formats text as a quote. If you use the quote button, then it will be formatted for you. This is a block level tag.

[quote author="SMF Doc Team"]blocks, text or more BB Code[/quote]</td><td>The author property specifies and author of the quote. If the name contains complex characters please use quotes.</td><td>
: SMF Doc Team
blocks, text or more BB Code
[quote author="SMF Doc Team" link=topic=570 date=1141105279]blocks, text or more BB Code[/quote]</td><td>You can also specify a link to the quote and a time. All three are required, you cannot have only a time for example. The link property can only specify internal forum links. The date property is in the format of a unix timestamp.</td><td>
<a href="http://docs.simplemachines.org/index.php??topic=570">: "SMF Doc Team" 1141105279</a>
blocks, text or more BB Code

example: [quote]blocks, text or more BB Code[/quote]


blocks, text or more BB Code