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This is a project page for Translators. Translators can check in here to find out what they can do. If you have any questions about this information, or suggestions for improving this page, please discuss at Online Manual talk:Translation Portal

Páginas Pronto para Tradução

Estas páginas aparecem na guia nova ajuda, e estão prontos para a tradução. Assim que você salvar uma mensagem de tradução (como uma string de linguagem), ele será imediatamente disponíveis para todos os usuários do wiki e do guia de nova ajuda.

  • Registrando - Muitos fóruns exigem que os usuários registrem-se para ter acesso completo.
  • Postagem - O ponto inteiro de um fórum, postando permite que os usuários se expressarem.
  • Pesquisa - A pesquisa é uma ferramenta extremamente útil para encontrar informações em mensagens e tópicos.
  • Entrar - Depois de registrar você precisa fazer o login para realmente obter acesso total ao forum.
  • Bulletin Board Código - Mensagens podem sererem formatadas com um pouco BBC.
  • Lista de Membros - A lista de Membros mostra todos os membros de um fórum.
  • Características- Aqui está uma lista das funcionalidades mais populares no SMF.
  • Perfil - Cada membro tem seu próprio perfil pessoal.
  • Calendário - Os usuários podem acompanhar os eventos, feriados e aniversários com o calendário.
  • Mensagens pessoais - Os usuários podem enviar mensagens pessoais para outro.

How to translate these pages

These translations will be done using a wiki extension called the Translate extension, provided by the translatewiki team. To begin, go to the base page to be translated. If you have permission to translate, you will see a link titled "Translate this page" before the content of the page. Follow the link to the Translate form. You'll see the page's name listed in "Group". Choose the language from the drop-down list, and hit the "Fetch" button.

You will see all the language strings which need to be translated. The translation tool calls them messages. The link for the language message is on the left, and the content is on the right. Click on the link to start an editing window for that message. Above the editing window, you will see the source text, labeled "Message definition". In the textarea below, you may begin typing in the translation. If you wish, enter a Summary to discribe the changes you have made. When you have completed translating the language message, you must use the "Save page" button to save the language message you are editing on this page.

For more information on translating, please see the Page translation feature documentation from the translatewiki team

Note about links translation - Unfortunately at the moment the only way to have translations not marked as outdated by the extension is to use the english form of the link (i.e. without any language code like en, it, fr, etc. at the end). A "special case" that should be handled by the extension, but apparently is not, are intra-page anchors (e.g. [[#Pages Ready for Translation]]) in that cases the anchor must be translated, but the extension will outline the sentence containing it as outdated (see this page to have an idea of the result). For the time being let's live with it, eventually we will find the cause and fix it.

How to translate a template

In wikimedia a template is a special page that can be used within other pages to repeat consistently informations and/or structures (e.g. boxes like Template:Version specific). Templates can contain HTML, formatting entities, logical constructs and of course text. HTML, formatting and logical operators must not be translated, while text should be.

The translation of a template follows a different approach then the translation of a normal page.

The first step is create a new sub-page of the template. The name of this sub-page must correspond to the code of the language you want to translate the template to (we will provide a list of codes as soon as possible, in the meantime you will find few links already created in each updated template). Once the sub-page is created the second step is copy the entire template to the sub-page. Then the last step is translate only the text that needs to be translated and keep everything else (markup, logical operators (e.g. #if, #ifeq, etc.) and so on) as it is.
Whenever possible the text in the templates will be marked with comments indicating the start (<!-- start translate -->) and the end (<!-- stop translate -->) points of each portion that can be translated.

Haven't these translations already been done for the old help tab

The old Help tab and the current text found here on the wiki came from the same source -- the old online documentation at So the new help files are very similar to the old help tab documentation. In some places, the information has been updated. This means you may be able to find translations in the old help tab or in the language files (or in the Language Editor, if you are an SMF LE translator). If the new wiki language message is still a good match to the old help tab string, you can copy and paste the the old translation into the wiki.

Hey! What happened to the wiki translation I did earlier

To those of you who tried out translation before we finished setting things up -- thank you. It helped us see how things were going to work. We apologize for all the confusing changes. Now that the wiki has moved out of beta, we will avoid making so many confusing changes in the future.

If you did some earlier translation on the wiki, and it no longer shows up, you can find it in the history. So if you worked on translating part of Registering/nl but don't see it now -- click the history button to find your older version of a page. If your earlier work in one browser window, and use the wiki translation tool in another browser window, you will be able to cut-and-paste your work into the appropriate language message. You can cut and paste your translations into the appropriate language As long as it is still a good match for the one of the current language "messages", you can just copy and paste it into the correct message. Thanks for your help and your patience.

Pages with older translations

Pages not yet ready for translation

These pages already appear in the help tab. Each one requires some work. As each file becomes "stable", it will be released for translation.

Some things site admins would like to do to make translation easier and better

We are in the early stages of translating pages on the wiki, so we are still learning about the best way to get everything set up, and about any problems that might arise. Please let us know if you run into difficulties, or need more information.

Here is our plan to get the wiki ready for translation:

  1. Make sure the translate extension is in place and working well. (good to go!)
  2. Make sure the pages are all in a final version and a "translator friendly" state (Some pages are ready now!)
  3. Add information the translators need
    • How to find pages that need translation (Special:PageTranslation)
    • Create our own local guide to translation, so we don't have to depend on the teams documentation

Tips and trick about translations

Headlines, templates and line spacing

Just noticed:

{{Other languages}}
===View All Members===

will result in the headline no being properly displayed in translated pages (i.e. the triple equals doesn't get translated to a heading and remains as it is). To solve the issue, please use an empty line between the last template and the translate tag:

{{Other languages}}

===View All Members===