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The moderation log records all moderation actions as they happen on the forum. This only includes moderation actions, not general forum actions. The information recorded is:

  • Action - Any time a topic is locked, stickied, merged, split, or removed, an entry is created in the log. If a post is modified or deleted, a log entry is also created.
  • Date - The forum keeps track of the date and time that each action occurred.
  • Member - The member that performed the action is also saved.
  • Position - The member's primary membergroup is shown, however additional membergroups are not listed.
  • IP - A member's internet protocol address is attached to each action they perform.

Moderators and administrators can search through these logs with the quick search feature located at the button of the moderation log. Administrators can remove logs only if the log is 24 hours old. Before the moderation log will be available, Moderation, Administration and User Logs must be enabled under Admin > Configuration > Core Features.