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Karma is a feature that shows the popularity of a certain member. If members are allowed, they can choose to to raise (Applaud) or lower (Smite) a person's karma. This is how a member's popularity is calculated. The following options are available in the Karma menu:
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* ''Disable Karma'' - disables the use of this feature
* ''Enable Karma Total'' - makes SMF show only the total of points received
* ''Enable Karma Positive/Negative'' - shows the positive points as well as the negative points for the user
*''Set the minimum posts needed to modify karma'': admins can set a minimum posts that a user must have before raising or lowering someone's karma
*''Set wait time in hours'': this is the time that an admin specifies, before a user can modify karma again
*''Restrict administrators to wait time'': this specifies whether or not the forum administrators are restricted by the time limit
*''Karma Label'': admins set this to whatever they want the label to be, when a user looks at what another user's karma is
*''Karma Applaud Label'': the label of how the applaud image will appear
*''Karma Smite Label'': the label of how the smite image will appear
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