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Attachments are files uploaded to a topic in a post directly to the forum. They can be pictures, files and text file (.doc, .pdf, .txt format) that can also be downloaded and viewed.

Attachments can be very useful if you have to upload small and medium files, so that the members of your forum can download them without going to other websites.

But, attachments can be heavy on server-load. If they have large amounts of downloads, this can use a lot of hosting resources. That is why Simple Machines Forum has an administration panel for Attachments located in:

  • 1.1.11: Admin > Attachments and Avatars > Attachment Settings
  • 2.0 RC3: Admin > Forum > Attachments and Avatars >Attachment Settings

There are many options for attachments.

  • Attachments mode: This allows an administrator to enable attachments, disable attachments or disable new attachments.
  • Check attachment's extension: This will make it so that every time someone uploads an attachment, it will be checked, to ensure that the extension is allowed in the forum.
  • Allowed attachment extensions: If the previous option is enable, this list will show the attachments that are allowed to be uploaded to the forum.
  • Recode line endings in textual attachments (only 2.0 RC3): This will recode the line endings in text files attach to the forum.
  • Attachments Directory: This will create (if it does not exist) a folder where the attachments will be saved. It must be set, like this: Hosting route/Forum route/Attachment Folder, for it to work.
  • Max attachment folder space: This will give a maximum capacity for the folder. It is appropriate to put a maximum for this folder, so this does not use too much of your hosting resources.
  • Max attachment size per post: This will make a maximum size for an attachment. It is appropriate to give it a maximum file size so this does not use too much of your hosting resources.
  • Max number of attachments per post: This allows an administrator to set how many attachments can a user upload per post.
  • Display image attachments as pictures under post: If this option is enabled, pictures and images will be displayed as a thumbnail below the attached picture.
  • Resize images when showing under posts: If an image is too big, this option allows the image to be resized, so that this doesn't spoil a thread.
  • Maximum width of thumbnails: This option will allow an administrator to choose the maximum width of the thumbnail. The width is counted in pixels[1] (px).
  • Maximum height of thumbnails: This option will allow an administrator to choose the maximum height of the thumbnail. The height is counted in pixels[2] (px).

Now we know what attachments are, what the Simple Machines attachment system is and how to configure the attachments in a forum.