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The forum header is the section at the top of the forum, which appears on every page when browsing the forum. Generally the forum header is referred to as the part from the forum title up to the menu buttons. In the default SMF 2.0 theme it looks like this:

Forum header 2.0.png

The forum header can be collapsed (hidden) or expanded (shown) to any user's wishes using the icon Upshrink2.png in the top right hand corner.

Features found in the header

As a guest

  • Quick login (if enabled): Members can quickly login from within the header.
  • Quick search: Users can search from anywhere within the forum using the search bar available in the header.
  • News (if enabled): SMF will display news in the header. If multiple news items are entered, SMF will randomly choose one from the available items and display it to the user.

As a member

Members will benefit from all features a guest can access, minus the quick login, along with the following features:

As an administrator/moderator

Administrators and moderators will find every feature members can also find in the header, plus a few additional features:

  • If maintenance mode is enabled, a message will be displayed along with the unread posts and replies buttons.
  • If there are any members awaiting approval, the header will show the amount of members along with a quick link to the moderation center.