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The calendar feature, if enabled by the administrator, is found in the Main menu of the forum. It can be used to record and display holidays, birthdays, and events. Birthdays entered in members' profiles are displayed on the calendar. Some or all members may have permission to post calendar events. Administrators can configure the calendar via the calendar settings section of the Administration Center.

The calendar also displays mini-calendars on the left of the current calendar. These mini-calendars show the previous, current and following month.

Posting an event to the calendar

If the calendar feature is enabled and users are given the required permission, events can be posted to the calendar in the following ways:

Click on the Post Event button at the bottom of the calendar.

First select Calendar in the main menu, followed by Post Event in the drop-down menu. A Post Event button can be found below the calendar, too. If enabled by an administrator, it is also possible to simply click on a day in the calendar in order to post a new event on that day.

Users with the appropriate permissions may see Link to Calendar at the bottom of each topic. This button enables users to create a new calendar event that is linked to the currently viewed topic.