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This is where you add, delete, and change boards and categories, move them around, and add board moderators.
There are three tabs to this section of forum administration.
===Modify Boards===
This tab is for modifying boards and categories. All Categories and Boards are listed. Select one of the '''Add''' buttons to add a board in that category, or select the '''permissions''', '''move''', or '''modify''' links next to a board's name to change the board's permissions, position, or basic settings.  Select a category name to begin modifying the category.
Selecting the modify link enables changing the following things about the board:
* Category: -- move the board into a different category
* Order:  -- choose the order of the board within the category
* Full name: the name displayed in the index
* Allowed Groups:  all the groups which are allowed to view the board
* Moderators: a list of members who will be [[local moderator]]s of this board.
* Redirect to a web address -- if the board contains no topics, it can be turned into a link to another web site.
* Count Posts: -- if checked, then posts on this board will count towards [[member]]s' post counts and forum stats.
* Board theme: -- this board can have a theme different from the forum default theme, and different from the members selected theme.
===Create New Category===
On this page you can create a new category on your forum. Supply a name for the category, choose a placement for the whole category using the order listbox and choose if it can "collapse". "Collapsing" means showing only the category title, hiding any of the category's boards which would normally be displayed below the title. With "collapsing" enabled, clicking on the category title will toggle between displaying and hiding the category's boards.
The Settings page of the Boards section of the Administration Panel allows you to set some basic settings involving the boards. The following settings are present on this page:
|Membergroups allowed to manage boards and categories |d1=Check the boxes for whatever groups you would like to have the ability to manage the boards and categories. Meaning they can edit, create and delete boards and categories.
|Count child's posts in parent's totals|d2=Checking this option will mean that posts and topics in a board's Child Board will count toward its totals on the Board index. This does not include Grand-Child boards.
|Enable recycling of deleted topics|d3=Checking this will make it so your forum "recycles" deleted topics and posts. This means while the necessarily stats will be updated when the post is deleted, as well as the post no longer being visible where it was before, posts that are deleted can be viewed for reference in the board you specify on the option directly below this one.
|Board for recycled topics|d4=Select a Board you wish to store deleted posts in. Choose a board to act as the recycle bin. If this field is left blank, posts will not be recycled.
{{Version specific|version=2.0|content={{parmdesc|1=Allow boards to be ignored|d1=Checking this option will allow users to select boards they wish to ignore.}}
For more information about permissions take a look at [[Board_Permissions|Board Permissions]] and [[Permissions]]
{{ {{Localized|As an administrator}}}}
{{ {{Localized|As an administrator}}}}

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