Working with membergroups

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Group Requests can be found in the Moderation Section (Moderation Center > Groups > Group Requests).

The Group Requests information screen will show applicants versus group choice, along with a designated reason by the user.

To approve or reject a group request, first select the applicant to be granted the request, ensure the checkbox is enabled, then use one of the actions from the drop down menu to Approve or Reject the request.

There is additional functionality in the drop down menu to issue a reason to be sent to the applicant on the event of a rejection.

The View Groups section of the Moderation Center lists all users in their respective membergroups. Membergroups are colored and a count is provided of how many members each membergroup contains.

Selecting a membergroup will load a new page where it will describe the membergroup details such as color, rank image and count. It will also show the members and respective details of that membergroup paginated. The members will be primarily sorted by username in alphabetical order, from here you can remove or add people to this membergroup.

Membergroups on the initial page are in order of creation. Administrator will come first, followed by Global Moderator, followed by anything else you have added. Ranks are not included in the membergroup listing.