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How to manually add Attachments on SMF

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  1. Upload your file to the "attachments" Folder in your SMF root directory
  2. Make a unique 40 character hash including a-z and 0-9
  3. Make your topic / message if you have not already and get your message id
    • If you do not know it you can just press edit on the message and it will be a GET variable "msg"
  4. Log into your database and go to {smf_prefix}_attachments
  5. Press insert from the navigation menu
    • Database insert.png
  6. Fill out the entry like the following
    • id_attach: NA - Auto Incremented
    • id_thumb: NA
    • id_msg: This is the mesage id you want the attachment to be on
    • id_member: NA
    • id_folder: NA - If you have certain upload folders then choose the appropriate id for it
    • attachment_type: NA
    • filename: Full file name including extension
    • file_hash: Put the hash you made in step 2 here
    • fileext: Your file extension (no ".")
    • size: Size in kb (you can get this by looking at the properties of the file)
    • downloads: NA - determines download count and you may change
    • width: NA
    • height: NA
    • mime_type: NA
    • approved: NA
  7. Press "Go" to insert the entry
  8. Rename the file you uploaded to your attachments folder to {id_attach}_{hash}
    • ex. 53_vizgvbn7671rh5bd8ob920qhe22j3xd3sks6jyit
    • {id_attach} is from your database entry
    • {hash} the 40 character hash you made in step 2
    • Note: There is no extension!

Done :)