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  1. proper display (different browsers too) in:
    • board index
    • message index
    • display
    • PMs
    • search
    • calendar
    • member list
    • post
    • poll
    • profiles
    • rtl (and that alone was a big issue last time I tried it)
  2. things that shall work without a glitch:
    • upgrade (mainly from 1.1 and 2.0, previous versions if we can test, not mandatory)
    • anything related to posting (for now I'm not going touch SCEditor, but before beta 2 I hope to be able to move to 1.4.1 that should improve some aspects, if we don't get complains, though I could just ignore it and keep 1.3.7)
    • search
    • the admin panel
    • tokens (and in particular this issue)
    • anything related to PMs
    • reporting
    • disregard
    • verify that there are no errors in the error log, also check that all layout and preference options work and work without error
  3. things that are "nice to have working" on my agenda (of course if we can test it's absolutely cool):
    • install and upgrade with non-mysql databases (I'm pretty sure something is broken at the moment)

Feel free to edit and add things