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Set File and Folder Permissions

File and folder permissions control who can see your files and use your folders. They can control whether you will be able to install mods to your forum. You will use Unix chmod values to designate permissions. On most servers, a setting of 755 for folders and 644 for files will work. If this does not work on your hosting service, you may need 777 or 775 for folders, and 666 or 664 for files. Some hosts do not allow using 777 for folders or 666 for files -- using such high values will cause Internal Server Errors, 500 erors, or other errors. If the permission on your files or folders does not make them writable, the SMF installer will report the problem -- if it can detect it.

Setting File Permissions With the Installer

The simplest approach is to skip this step until you run the SMF installer. It can set file permissions simply and easily for you, and will work on most servers. If the installer needs it, it will ask for FTP login details to get the job done. If you run into any problems setting file permissions with the installer, you can use the instructions below for Setting File Permissions with FTP to handle it yourself.

Setting File Permissions With FTP

Using a control panel or FTP client, file permissions can be changed quickly and easily. Usually, FTP programs will allow permissions to be changed by right-clicking files/directories and selecting "Properties", "Attributes" or "Permissions". The desired numerical value can be entered, or if provided, check boxes can be changed.

  • /attachments
  • /cache
  • install.php


[edit] [purge] Template documentation

This template is meant to be included in articles on installing and upgrading, to provide the information about CHMOD/file permissions. To see it in action, please look at the testcases, or at Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Set_file_permissions


{{Set file permissions|install}}
{{Set file permissions|upgrade}}
  • install the word "install" will be inserted at several key points
  • update the word "update" will be inserted at several key points