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This common text is used in both the upgrade and update articles. 1 numbered parameter, the possible values are:

  • upgrade
  • update (default)
  • patching

Backup your forum

Before starting the update process, a backup should be taken. This includes, specifically, the database as it contains all the members, posts and other items in the forum. This protects the forum from accidental damage and any issues from updating. Although extensive testing is always carried out, sometimes unforeseen issues develop. Therefore, having a backup is crucial.

For more details on backing up your forum, please see the page backup.

Backup your files

Using an ftp client access your forum directory and download all the files and directories present in there.

Back up the Database

This is crucial. You MUST backup your database. If you don't, there's no way, at all, that you can revert back to v1.x of your forum, should you not be able to upgrade to v2, for some reason.

It's highly recommended that you backup from your site's CPanel, or equivalent, as the SMF backup doesn't work, with some servers.

Back up a database using SMF

To backup the database from SMF's Admin section, navigate to Forum Maintenance (Administration Center > Maintenance > Forum Maintenance). On the database section, save the data and the structure. Then, compress the file. Select "Download" and wait for the database to complete the download completely. Note: It is recommended if you use this method to verify that the backup is complete by opening the file and checking the last line. If the file is not complete and has an error please try one of the other methods to backup your database.

Back up a database using PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin gives the option to export a database, from the initial page, select the "Export" option and follow the instructions. Select your SMF database. These are different based on host.

Back up a database using a control panel

If your hosting service provides a control panel interface, this can be used to back up a database. Selecting the "Backups" or "Backups Wizard" options should take you to a page, prompting you to back up your database. With different hosts, these options may have different titles.