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<noinclude>Note to translators:

Please translate only the part on the right of the equal sign (=)
</noinclude>{{As an administrator scheme1.1
|heading_text=As an administrator
|admincenter=Administration Center
|supportcredit=Support and Credits
|newsandnewsl=News and newsletters
|packages=Package manager
|features=Features and Options
|server=Server settings
|current=Current Theme
|theme=Themes and Layout
|post=Posts and Topics
|smiley=Smileys and Message Icons
|attach=Attachments and Avatars
|ban=Ban List
|forumm=Forum Maintenance
|logs=Forum error Log and Moderation log
|securityt=Security Tips
|building=Building Your Community
|performance=Performance enhancements
|broke=Modifications - A mod broke my forum what should I do


{{ {{Localized|Add new template translation}} }}

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