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==Add new template translation ==

Please follow these instructions in order to create a new translation of this template.

1) Copy this code:

2) Add to the link of this page a slash "/" and the code of the language you want to translate the template to (e.g. http://{{SERVERNAME}}'''/fr''') and follow the resulting url.
'''Note:''' if the link already ends with a language code (e.g. ''fr'', ''sr-el'', ''nl'', etc.) please replace that code with the one of the language you want to translate to.

3) If the new page is empty, select "Create" and paste the '''full''' text of the template (copied at step 1) and then translate '''only''' the parts that need translation (if you have any doubt feel free to ask on the Discussion page or on the forum), if the page already exists, feel free to improve the translation.

Please find here below few links ready to be created/edited:
{{Template translation links}}

If you want to add more links with new codes, please edit the page [[Template:Template translation links]]

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