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Scheduled Tasks

SMF comes with its own version of a scheduler. This is called scheduled tasks. The forum comes with several tasks installed by default, but you may have a greater number, depending on the customizations you have installed. SMF's scheduled tasks rely on people visiting your forum. If you have a busy forum, the tasks will generally be run on time. If you do not have a busy forum, the tasks will be run the next time someone visits your forum.

Tasks are organized by task name, next due, regularity, and enabled. There is also another column for run now which allows you to select tasks to be run straight away instead of their next due time. The task name shows the name and a short description of the task, as well as a link to edit the task. Next due gives you a time based on the server's set time of when the next time this task will be run. Regularity is how often the task will run when enabled. Enabled is a check box which will enable or disable the task.

Edit Scheduled Task

By selecting the task's name on the Scheduled Tasks screen, you will be brought to the edit window. This is where you can change information about the tasks. Remember, all times are based on the server time.

  • Task name - The name of the task. Beneath the name is a short description of the task.
  • Interval - How often the task should be run.
  • Start time - Time the first instance of the day should start (hours:minutes).
  • Enabled - Enable this task to be run.

Task Log

Lists logs of the tasks that have been run. The list explains which task was run (task name), when it was run (time run), and how long it took to run it (time taken). Take note that all times are based on the server's time, which may be different from the time settings for the member viewing the log.