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Patching is moving from an earlier version of SMF to the next version in the same series (e.g. from 2.0 to 2.0.1). If you are moving up more than one version in the same series, (e.g. 1.1.10 to 1.1.13) you must repeat patching for each version update.

If patching reports errors or if you need to move to a newer major version of SMF then you should use the Upgrading procedure. If you want to install a Forum from scratch, please see the instructions on Installing SMF.

Patching an SMF forum can be done by following these steps:

Back up Your Forum

Before starting the upgrade process, a backup should be taken. This includes, specifically, the database, as it contains all the members, posts, and other items in the forum. This protects the forum from accidental damage and any issues from upgrading. Although extensive testing is always carried out, sometimes unforeseen issues develop. Therefore, having a backup is crucial. The upgrading tool can backup all database tables before it runs, but the files are not backed up and the best practice is to have a full backup available.

For more details on backing up your forum, please see the backup page.

Back up Your Files

Using an ftp client access your forum directory and download all the files and directories present in there.

Obtain The Patch

Download The Patch through The Admin Panel

When you enter SMF's Administration Center if a patch has been released you will be notified through a box "Update Available!". Selecting the link present in this box will automatically download the patch from the Simple Machines website and will bring you to the package manager.

Download The Patch from SMF Website

In certain cases it is necessary to manually upload the patch to your server before applying it. In these cases the first thing to do is download the patch.

  • Go to the downloads page for patches on the SMF website and download the patch you need.
  • Once you have downloaded the patch to your computer, go to: Administration > Main > Package manager > Download Packages and upload the patch.
  • Click the link Install Mod.

Finishing The Patching Procedure

On the next page you will be notified of any problems. If no errors are reported, selecting the button "Install Now" will start the actual patching procedure. Once finished you will be informed that the package has been installed successfully.

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