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Usually, it is most convenient to use the Package manager to upload a package, but it is sometimes just as easy to do this via FTP.

Using FTP, you may upload compressed mod package files. You may also upload a directory full of package files. For more information about using FTP, see How do I use FTP.

Use your FTP client to navigate to your forum's Packages directory. Copy the desired directory or compressed package file from your desktop to the forum. Be sure to choose the appropriate settings for the transfer. To preserve non-ASCII files, you must choose the transfer type binary. Using the transfer type ascii will cause ftp to transfer your non-ascii files incorrectly.

If your forum's host has not installed the software required to uncompress your mod's package, you may copy the mod's files to your forum as follows:

  • Install a program to uncompress the file (.zip or .tar.gz) on your desktop computer
  • Download the package to your desktop
  • Uncompress or "Expand" the file to a new directory on your desktop
  • Using the FTP client, navigate to your forum's Packages directory
  • Set the ftp transfer type to "binary"
  • Transfer the directory to your Packages directory. This creates a new directory, complete with all the files from the directory on your desktop computer.

Use SMF's Browse Packages to confirm that the package has been uploaded.