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SMF has the ability to recognize and parse HTML code in a board's description. Just add something like this to your description:

<img src="mypic.gif" width="70" height="17" alt="" />


  • img="mypic.gif" - is the name of the image. If it is not located in the forum's base directory, it will be necessary to include the path to it (i.e. img="./Themes/default/images/mypic.gif");
  • width="70" - is the width in pixels of the image.
  • height="17" - is the height in pixels of the image.
  • alt="" - is an alternative text to display if, for any reason, the image does not load correctly in visitors' browsers. If the image has no real utility except aesthetics, it can be left empty. Otherwise, it would be appropriate to explain in one word or two what the image represents.