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If an Online Manual article links to this page, it is because someone is concerned that the article contains inaccurate statement(s). Such statements should have one of the following templates added to them {{Review/article}} {{Review/talk}} {{Template:Review/Sentence}} {{Fact check}}

The accuracy of a statement may be a cause for concern if:

  • It contains information that has not been updated to reflect the most current version of the Simple Machines Forum application.
  • It contains unlikely information, without reference to the appropriate documentation or underlying code from Simple Machines Forum.
  • It has been written (or edited) by a user who is known to write inaccurately on the topic.
  • It has been rewritten and/or updated with facts that are not known to be approved by the Simple Machines team Forum.

If you come across a statement with an accuracy warning, please do the following:

  • Don't remove the warning simply because the material looks reasonable: please take the time to verify it properly.
  • Visit the talk page to see what the issues are.
  • Correct it right away if you can. Please take the time to verify it properly. Please note, in the article, the documentation or underlying code that a user would need to understand this statement in the Online Manual.
  • If there is a dispute about the statement, please bring supporting information to the discussion on the talk page, or bring the dispute the the attention of SimpleMachines team members. The templates {{Review/article}} {{Review/talk}} {{Template:Review/Sentence}} {{Fact check}} should bring the statement to the attention of team members.

If you come across a statement which seems or is inaccurate, please do the following:

  • Correct it right away if you can. Please take the time to verify it properly. Please also add to the article any information and/or documentation or underlying code that would be needed to make this passage clear to any reader.

If you cannot correct it right away:

  • First, insert a "Fact check" section in the talk page to describe the problem.
  • Insert {{Fact check}} after the relevant sentence or paragraph
  • (Or insert {{Fact check|section}} replacing 'section' with the appropriate section on the talk page, if one already exists.)
  • If there are a lot of statements that need fact checking, or if a dispute arises:
    • Insert {{Review/article}} in the beginning of the article to add a general warning and request the help of SimpleMachines team members. Work with Simple Machines Forum team members, if necessary, to resolve the problems.

Pages that are subject to some type of team review can be found here