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New Features and Major Changes

Core Features

All the Core Features can now be enabled/disabled from a common page. This is a list of new core features available with SMF 2.0:

Theme Management

  • You can now edit every template file on any theme including the defaul. (SMF 1.1 only allowed you to edit non-default themes files)
  • change forum width from the admin panel

Permission System Changes

  • Permission system is now based on profiles.

Personal Messages

  • Rules can be created to automatically sort incoming personal messages
  • Display Personal messages all at once, one at a time and as a conversation

Package manager

  • Package manager tries to apply changes to non-default themes too.
  • Emulate version for mod install/uninstall.
  • Install packages from a URL

Administrative/Server management

  • Scheduled tasks
  • Mail queue
  • Load balancing
  • Multiple attachments directories
  • Languages installer
  • Edit meta description from admin panel
  • A default php-based caching
  • Ability to turn on/off signatures in admin panel

Registration and Anti spam

  • OpenID
  • Verification questions
  • Password strength

Members and topics management

  • Reattribute User Posts
  • Remove Inactive Members
  • (maintenance) move all topics from a board to another
  • Three more group types: Protected, Requestable and Free
  • Moderation center
  • Birthday emails
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Consolidation and improvement of Buddy and Ignore lists (and related notification settings)

The New Default Theme "Curve"

Packaged since RC3 of the 2.0 series, is a new default theme called Curve. The original default theme, called Core, is still included with SMF 2.0.

Code related changes

  • support for PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Integration Hooks
  • Better separation of theme and code (e.g. menu "definition" is now in Source.php so that is no more necessary to change each theme one by one to add or remove a menu entry)
  • $smcFunc
  • See also: Mod authors: Changes in SMF 2.0

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