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Extra smiley sets can be added by using the Package Manager, or you can add them manually.

Adding a Smiley Set Using the Package Manager

The Package Manager can be used to add smiley sets to your forum. This works in the same way as when you add mods.

If you want to add smileys to a set, edit their code, placement order, or the places where they are displayed, for example on the post screen, as a pop-up, or hidden you need to check Enable customized smileys on the Settings page of the smiley section.

Adding a Smiley Set by Creating a Directory

The other way to add a smiley set is to create a directory inside your forum's "Smileys" directory. First, give it the name that you want it to have, then upload all the actual graphic files for your smileys into that directory.

Next, go to Admin > Smileys and Message Icons > Smiley Sets and click on New Smiley Set. Select a name for this smiley set, the logical choice being to give it the same name as the directory you created. Click New smiley set and you will see "URL:" and, to the right of that, a requester. Use this to select the set's name.

Check the box labelled Import smileys already in this directory: and, if you want to make this set your forum's default set, check the box labelled Default smiley set:.

When you click Save changes, your new smiley set should be recognised and installed.